LTE smartwatches aren't for everyone, but some think they're worth it#image_title

What you need to know

We recently polled our readers to ask them whether or not LTE connectivity was a must-have feature for a smartwatch. After all, an LTE-connected smartwatch can free you from your smartphone, allowing you to receive calls and messages, stream music, or navigate from your wrist.

We received more than 3,200 votes, with 50% saying that they’re fine just relying on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Nearly 30% say that LTE connectivity is nice to have in certain scenarios, but it’s not a necessity. Finally, 21% of votes say that they absolutely need LTE connectivity on their smartwatches.

Godwin Stewart on Twitter feels like LTE on a smartwatch is unnecessary and redundant since we usually always have smartphones on us:

“LTE is totally pointless IMO. I’m never going to be in a position where I have the watch, but neither the phone nor Wi-Fi connectivity and I need Internet access or the ability to call on the watch. AND pay for the never used privilege? I think not.”

A Twitter user by the name of Cloverlief says that LTE on their Galaxy Watch 4 hasn’t proven very useful:

“Not really. I have a Galaxy Watch 4 with LTE. Initially, the experience was awful (overheating, etc). Eventually through updates that were fixed. I don’t honestly use any of the LTE features. Once my contract runs out will probably cancel it and use wifi only.”

However, some users have no problem justifying the extra cost. George K says it’s useful for people who hike or travel a lot.

“To all the folk somehow incapable of justifying this, I, a hiker/explorer, and even driver, have relied on my LTE connectivity such countless amount of times, I can hardly sum them up. Countless. 100% requirement when purchasing a smartwatch.”

Jordan Macedone agrees that LTE is handy, especially when it comes to receiving notifications:

“I’ve tried a few different smartwatches, and they will stop giving me notifications after a week or two. Then I have to reset it to have it continue.

I switched to an LTE model and don’t have that issue anymore.”

Fortunately, many of the best Android smartwatches are available in LTE models, although some companies like Fossil and Fitbit stick to just Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That said, those interested in LTE smartwatches may want to stick with devices from Samsung, Google, and maybe even Mobvoi for added convenience. And these models are also available without LTE if you don’t think the extra cost isn’t worth it.


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