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Redmi Band2
A Declaration of Conformity suggests that the Redmi Band 2 could soon launch in Europe. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Rumors suggest that the Redmi Band 2 could soon arrive in Europe after a supposed Declaration of Conformity for the wearable was found in Italy. Last year, the lightweight gadget launched in China with features like exercise tracking, blood oxygen level monitoring, and WeChat or AliPay payments.

The Redmi Band 2 smartwatch could shortly launch in Europe. The website XiaomiToday claims to have found a Declaration of Conformity in Italy linked to the device. The document has model number M2225B1, which is also used for various certifications in China. This may indicate the start of a broader product roll-out; Xiaomi Indonesia has confirmed via Twitter that the Redmi Smart Band 2 will launch in the country on January 25.

The Redmi Band 2 launched in China late last year, a lightweight watch weighing 14.9 g (~0.5 oz). The smaller wearable has a 9.99 mm (~0.39 in) thin body and a 1.47-inch (~37 mm) display. You can use the gadget to track your exercise using over 30 sports modes. You can also monitor health metrics such as your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and sleep quality. Other features of the device are the ability to make WeChat or AliPay payments, calendar and message notifications, and weather forecasts.

It is unclear precisely when the Redmi Band 2 could launch in Europe or how much it would cost. For context, the wearable retails for 169 yuan (~US$25) and is currently available in midnight black or dream white; pink, blue, and green variants appear to be on the way.


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