Fossil Gen 6 watches start receiving Wear OS 3#image_title

Last Friday, Fossil launched the Wellness Edition of their Gen 6 wristwatch, which ships with Wear OS 3. Today, updates are applied to the remaining Fossil Gen 6 devices.

The updated package includes enhanced health and fitness tracking, an enhanced user interface, and a connection between the Fossil wearable and the Fossil application.

Fossil Gen 6 getting Wear OS 3
Fossil Gen 6 getting Wear OS 3

Fossil Gen 6 getting Wear OS 3

Today’s update is timely, fulfilling Fossil’s pledge that Gen 6 watches will transition to Wear OS 3. Thanks to aspects of Google’s Material You design, the display of the wearable device is now more readable.

When the top button is pressed and held, a list of recently used applications is displayed, and the voice assistant is activated. Additionally, the Quick Settings Shade has been enhanced with additional settings, a fresh appearance, and a toggle between the Daily and Extended battery modes.

The Fossil app already existed, but for some reason the company has only permitted Gen 6 devices to connect with the Wear OS app. Now that this is no longer the case, all customizations may be made within the native application, and support for the Google app has not been altered; the user can choose which app should be the default.

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