Apple’s recently released Watch Ultra, which is primarily aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts, now has more sporty features. The company has collaborated with a third-party app called Slopes to detect new workout modes such as skiing and snowboarding.

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According to a gsmarena report, once installed, the app will track the wearer’s skin and snowboarding sessions, as well as other details such as the resorts the user is staying in. However, this is only available to subscribers who are willing to pay.

Slopes can also be accessed via the Action button, which is only available in the Apple Watch Ultra and not the other watches unveiled at the Apple Far Out event this year. The user can program the button to start the workout with a single press through the app. Siri can also be used to access slopes.

Aside from that, Apple recently announced the release of the Oceanic+ app for the Apple Watch Ultra. According to the company, the app is a powerful and simple-to-use dive computer that can take users to previously unexplored depths.

With the help of an all-new depth gauge and water temperature sensors, this workout app is aimed at recreational scuba divers and can stretch underwater up to 40 meters (130 feet) below sea level.

This year, Apple released three watches, the most expensive of which was the Apple Watch Ultra. The watch is intended for ocean and water sports enthusiasts. It has a larger display and a 49mm titanium case. It has a flat sapphire front crystal display with a brightness of 2,000 nits. A customizable Action button in high-contrast orange provides quick access to a variety of features such as Workouts, Compass Waypoints, Backtrack, and more. In India, the Apple Watch Ultra starts at Rs 85,405.

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