Tech NewsMost HPC data centers will deploy quantum computing within the next few years

DarylNovember 19, 2021
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The majority of high-performance computing (HPC) data centre operators expect to deploy quantum computing solutions within the next couple of years, a new report from Atos and also IQM has mentioned.

The firms questioned 110 crucial decision-makers from HPC centres worldwide and also discovered that getting optimal performance out of HPC, while ensuring safety as well as resilience, is becoming much more challenging for users.

To tackle the trouble, 76% plan on using quantum computing by 2023. Additionally, 71% plan to transfer to on-premises quantum computing by 2026.

In fact, quantum computing is the leading innovation in Europe as well as the leading 3 globally. Three-quarters (76%) of HPC centres are already making use of quantum computer systems for their servers, or have plans to do so within the next two years. They expect quantum computer systems to solve supply chain logistics challenges, in addition to those pertaining to climate change. They additionally anticipate it to fix existing issues much faster, as well as minimize overall computing costs.

Additionally, the top use cases for HPC centres are database searching, financial investment risk analysis, molecular modelling, and asset management.

A place for cloud

Being able to mix typical components with custom-developed infrastructure elements is what makes cloud an essential part of the HPC style, the record additionally found. Hybrid as well as cloud deployments are of high priority all over the world, however really little is known about exactly how quantum will function side-by-side with classical HPC infrastructure.

This will certainly result, the report concludes, in the growth of outsourcing operations as well as upkeep in quantum computing.

Unlike classic computer systems, whose bits (basic unit of information) can just have 2 states (either 0 or 1), quantum computers’ qubits can take advantage of the collective buildings of quantum states (superposition, interference, entanglement) when executing computations. That should make them infinitely much faster than typical computer systems, however right now, they are just efficient in fixing specific computational issues.

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