Tech NewsMac screen capturing tool ‘CleanShot X’ launches own file format with new update

DarylDecember 18, 2021

CleanShot X for Mac has launched version 4.0 of its screen capturing tool app this week. With this big update, the company is introducing its own .cleanshot file format and more.

With this new file format, users can now save their annotated screenshots as an editable CleanShot project file. Not only that but reopened screenshots from the Quick Access Overlay are now editable as well.

CleanShot X also added the option to ask for the destination on the “Save” button on Quick Acces Overlay. This update also brings an auto-incremented and new month format to the file name editor. This version also adds an option to change screenshot format when using “Save as” in Annotate.

Version 4.0 of CleanShot X for Mac also brings a lot of improvements a bug fixes. Here are they:

  • Improved file name compatibility by removing illegal characters
  • Improved displaying small pinned screenshots
  • Fixed bug with copying screenshot to clipboard when both copy and upload actions were enabled
  • Fixed bug with displaying fullscreen and scrolling capture screenshots in Annotate
  • Fixed crash on right-click on the Quick Access Overlay
  • Fixed bug with using Video Editor to convert vertical smartphone videos
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

CleanShot X for Mac is one of the most complete screen capturing tools for macOS and it has over 50 features. Not only you can take screenshots as you can edit them, combine multiple images, drag and drop to any app, temporarily hide overlays, take scrolling captures, and much more.

The app offers a one-time purchase of $29 with a year of free updates included, then you can keep using the app without new updates. Users can also opt to renew their purchase for $19/year. As it doesn’t have a free version, CleanShot X for Mac offers a 30-day money-back guarantee whether you don’t like the app.

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