Tech NewsiOS 15.3 beta 2 clarifies to users how to fix iCloud Private Relay network errors

DarylJanuary 12, 2022

Following numerous reports that iCloud Private Relay was no longer working with some carriers, Apple is making it clear to users what they can do if Private Relay is not working due to a network error. With iOS 15.3, users will see a disclaimer explaining why the feature is disabled and how they can fix it.

The iCloud Private Relay network error message has been updated with iOS 15.3 beta 2, which was released to developers earlier today. While the original error message simply stated that the user’s “cellular plan does not support iCloud Private Relay,” the new message instructs the user to first check the iPhone’s Cellular Settings.

Private Relay is turned off for your cellular plan. Private Relay is either not supported by your cellular plan or has been turned off in Cellular Settings. With Private Relay turned off, this network can monitor your internet activity, and your IP address is not hidden from known trackers or websites.

T-Mobile told 9to5Mac that iCloud Private Relay requires the “Limit IP Address Tracking” option in Cellular Data settings to be enabled. Private Relay will not function when using cellular data if this option is disabled.

It’s important to note that the “Limit IP Address Tracking” option must be enabled for each network, which is important for users who have multiple SIM cards or Dual-SIM enabled. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options to see if the option is enabled.

For those who are unaware, iCloud Private Relay is a component of iCloud+, which is what Apple now refers to as iCloud’s paid subscription plans. Private Relay functions similarly to a VPN in that it conceals the user’s IP address in order to prevent websites from tracking them. Please keep in mind that Private Relay is a beta feature that may cause slowdowns and incompatibility with certain websites.

It is unknown when iOS 15.3 with the new disclaimer will be made available to all users. On Apple’s website, you can learn more about iCloud Private Relay.

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