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Google has released a new update to its Wear OS smartwatches that enables users to use Google Maps directly on them without using a separate mobile device. This feature was previously available only when using a smartphone.

The feature was announced last month and is now available. Wear OS smartwatches can now provide direct turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps to users who do not pair the device with a smartphone. This feature can be accessed only if the device has standalone LTE connectivity. This means that the user will require a Wear OS-compatible smartwatch with SIM card in order to access Google Maps directly in her smartwatch.

To utilize Google Maps, users need to have a current LTE plan that guarantees full connectivity at all times. The smartwatch must also be connected to the mobile phone in order to enable this feature. All other actions will occur automatically once the connection is made.

Meanwhile, Google announced that it will be bringing end-to-end encryption to Gmail on web browsers. Currently, in beta, users will be able to send and receive encrypted emails in your domain and outside of your domain. According to Google, the emailed text body and attachments, which include inline images, will be end-to-end encrypted.

Google Workspace already uses the latest cryptographic protocols to encrypt all data at rest and in transit between our facilities. Client-side encryption helps strengthen the confidentiality of your data while helping to address a broad range of data sovereignty and compliance issues.

If you are unfamiliar with client-side encryption, it is available on Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Meet, and Google Calendar (beta) for quite some time.

Google says that users who have Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, or Education Standard can apply for the Gmail client-side encryption (CSE) beta. Applications for the beta program remain open until January 2023. Users will have to submit the Gmail CSE Beta Test Application which contains their email address, Project ID, and testing group name.

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