Fire-Boltt Artillery, a rugged-looking smartwatch with a 1.5” HD display, brings together innovative features and robust design in one sleek package. Not just a timepiece, it’s a health and gaming companion that offers seamless Bluetooth calling, 100+ sports modes, and an impressive inbuilt game suite. The watch perfectly syncs fitness technology with lifestyle needs to redefine user experience.

Design and Quality

Echoing the aesthetics of modern sports watches, the Fire-Boltt Artillery strikes with its shockproof design. The green color adds an element of vibrancy to its sturdy build. Its 1.5” HD display is crystal clear and easy on the eyes while offering ample space for easy navigation between features.

The watch embodies quality with its long-lasting 320 mAh battery which can withstand heavy usage patterns without frequent recharges. The construct feels solid on the wrist and speaks volumes about its durability.

Key Features and Functionality

Fire-Boltt Artillery packs in motion sensor gaming – a feature that sets it apart from conventional smartwatches. This lets you enjoy your favorite games on-the-go directly from your wrist!

Health monitoring includes heart rate tracking, blood oxygen saturation levels, sleep tracking among other things keeping you updated about your physical well-being at all times.

The watch is also equipped with Bluetooth calling enabling you to make or receive calls directly from your wrist – an absolute boon for those who are always on the move!

The value proposition gets further amplified by over 100 sport modes – catering to almost every prominent sporting activity out there.

Comparison With Similar Products

Compared to other watches in this category like NoiseFit Endure or Amazfit Bip U Pro, Fire-Boltt offers more comprehensive features including motion sensor gaming which isn’t common in others at this price range.

While these watches offer similar battery performance & health monitoring features; where Fire-Bolt truly shines is seamless integration of diverse features into a single package without compromising on user experience or quality.

Pros and Cons


  • Motion Sensor gaming adds a new dimension to the utility of smartwatches.
  • Extended battery life ensures reliability, even during extensive use.
  • The sports mode spectrum is broader than most counterparts, making it suitable for various fitness enthusiasts.
  • Bluetooth calling functionality significantly improves convenience by allowing you to manage calls without frequently accessing your phone.


  • Given the wide array of features packed inside this unit, the initial learning curve might be steep for less tech-savvy users.
  • The absence of GPS functionality limits location tracking capabilities when compared with some premium competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What could be the reason for failing to connect with the Google Fit app?
  • Answer: To establish a connection, please ensure that the FB Active app is in use.
  • Q2: Is it possible to upload a PhonePe QR code into PayPal?
  • Answer: Yes, uploading a PhonePe QR code into your PayPal account is indeed feasible.
  • Q3: How extensive is the selection of watch faces available?
  • Answer: The device offers an impressive range of around 100 to 150 different watch faces.
  • Q4: Can I swap my old Fireboalt Sphere for this new watch?
  • Answer: Absolutely! A provision for exchange is available. However, terms and conditions may apply.
  • Q5: Does this device come with a removable strap?
  • Answer: Indeed, the strap featured on this device can be easily removed and replaced as per your preference.
  • Q6: Does this device support integration with Google Assistant?
  • Answer: Yes, Google Assistant integration is supported on this device.
  • Q7: Is there an option available to control music on this device?
  • Answer: Absolutely! This feature allows you to manage your music conveniently from the device itself.
  • Q8: Could you provide information about the size of the strap on this watch?
  • Answer: The strap size has been designed to be adjustable and should comfortably fit most wrist sizes.
  • Q9: Is there a sensor present to calculate calorie burn during exercises?
  • Answer: Yes, indeed! The integrated sensor accurately calculates calories burned during any form of exercise.
  • Q10: Given that Fireboltt’s website offers the product at $2499 along with a 5% cashback on UPI payments, why should I opt for Amazon instead?
  • Answer: Your choice between purchasing from Amazon or directly from Fireboltt’s website would depend entirely on your personal preference and convenience.
  • Q11: How do we activate AOD (Always On Display) mode on the watch ?
  • Answer: To enable Always On Display (AOD), go to screen settings and select the ‘always bright’ mode.
  • Q12: My Samsung M30 seems incompatible with it.. Why am I unable to install its application on my M30??
  • Answer: This issue might arise due to limited RAM space in your Samsung M30. It is suggested that you clear some space before reattempting installation.

Here are some product reviews for the Fire-Boltt Artillery Smart Watch:

Excellent Battery Life and Performance

This rugged-looking smart watch stands out due to its excellent battery life. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and only had to charge it twice! The motion sensor gaming is a nice touch and adds an element of fun. Bluetooth calling feature works seamlessly as well.

Great Value for Money

For the price, this smart watch is packed with features. Over 100+ sports modes make it a perfect companion for any fitness enthusiast. The health suite provides critical data that motivates me to keep up my daily exercise routine.

Rugged yet Stylish Design

This smart watch isn’t just functional; it’s stylish as well! The shockproof design assures me that it can withstand rigorous activities, and it even looks good on the wrist too!

Impressive Display

What caught my eye was the 1.5” HD display of this watch – clear, crisp, and easy to navigate. Regardless of whether I’m checking time or tracking my heart rate, everything is displayed in high definition.

Fun and Useful Inbuilt Games

I must say, having inbuilt games in a smartwatch is a unique feature! Not only do they serve as great entertainment during downtime but also encourage more movement because of their motion sensing technology.


To wrap up this review, Fire-Boltt Artillery is indeed a commendable product offering amazing value-for-money given its array of versatile features packed within robust aesthetics.

This smartwatch may not have everything but whatever it does offer stand out due to excellent implementation & balanced performance across all fronts.

Considering the competitive pricing & comprehensive feature set, this watch can be an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts & casual users alike looking for expansive functionality coupled with sturdy design elements at reasonable cost.

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