Are you tired of not being able to browse the web directly on your Wear OS Galaxy smartwatch? Despite being owned by Google, Wear OS lacks a built-in web browser like Chrome. But don’t worry, Samsung Internet is here to save the day! Samsung’s web browser is now downloadable on all Wear OS smartwatches, via the Play Store. This includes all smartwatches, even those that aren’t Galaxy Watches, and it marks the browser’s return after a year of absence.

Once you’ve installed Samsung Internet on your Galaxy Watch or Wear OS smartwatch, you’ll have access to a QWERTY touchscreen keyboard for easy browsing. The app includes bookmarks to popular websites such as Samsung, Google, and YouTube, making it easy to browse the web from your smartwatch.

To install Samsung Internet, simply tap the search field on your smartwatch and look for “Samsung Internet” or even “Chrome” as of this writing. Once installed, you can launch the app and start browsing the web right from your smartwatch.

Samsung Internet allows users who browse the web with it on their phones to easily import their bookmarks to their Wear OS smartwatches.This means you can easily access your favorite websites directly from your wrist without having to search for them manually.

Samsung Internet on your Wear OS smartwatch lets you browse news, search for info, watch videos, and more, without needing your phone. It’s a practical way to browse the web while out and about, especially when you don’t have your phone on hand.

If you’re a Wear OS Galaxy smartwatch user who wants to browse the web from your wrist, then Samsung Internet is the solution for you. With its QWERTY touchscreen keyboard and pre-defined bookmarks, it offers a seamless browsing experience on your smartwatch. So go ahead, install Samsung Internet on your Wear OS smartwatch and enjoy browsing the web with ease wherever you are!

By Daryl J

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